Homestead Exemption Deadline: April 1

Please make sure that you are credited for any tax exemptions for which you qualify.  Unfortunately, once a bill is received, it is TOO LATE to apply for any exemptions for that tax year.  The deadline to file in all Georgia Counties is APRIL 1. Under Georgia law, if you own a home and can prove residencyas of January 1, you qualify for a standard Homestead […]


Tax Bills

Counties in Georgia send tax bills as early as July and as late as September. Once a tax bill is sent, taxpayers usually have about 60 days to make payment before becoming delinquent. Note: Failure to receive a tax bill does not relieve you of the responsibility to make payment by the due date. If you do not receive […]

Tax Bills

Assessment Notices

Georgia law requires that each County provides an Annual Notice of Assessment to the owner of taxable property each year. These are sent out as early as April and as late as September. The Assessment Notice will show the value of the property as of the previous tax year and the new value of the property as of the current […]

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