Homestead Exemption Deadline: April 1

Please make sure that you are credited for any tax exemptions for which you qualify. 

Unfortunately, once a bill is received, it is TOO LATE to apply for any exemptions for that tax year.  The deadline to file in all Georgia Counties is APRIL 1.

Under Georgia law, if you own a home and can prove residencyas of January 1, you qualify for a standard Homestead Exemption. If you own a home, but cannot prove residency, as in the case of a rental property, that property will NOT qualify for an exemption.  If you do not own the property as of January 1, you can apply to receive the exemption in the following year.

Depending on the county, there are different way to apply for a Homestead Exemption. Some counties have options to apply online. In others, you may need to appear in person along with identification and proof that you live there. 

In addition to the Homestead Exemption, it is always a good idea to check to see if you qualify for additional exemptions.Please check with the county where you reside. Some links are provided below.

Depending on the exemption, documents that you may be required to present could include: 

  • Georgia Driver’s License or valid GA identification
  • Social Security Number (Owner and Spouse)
  • Registration for all vehicles owned
  • Recorded Deed for new owners
  • Trust Document and Affidavit if the property is in a trust
  • Proof of Income (Senior and other Special Exemptions)
  • Copies of your previous year Federal and State income tax returns
  • A copy of your Social Security Award Letter (if you do not file income tax)

Some useful links: