Property Tax Appeal: CPTP’s expertise remains unassailable!

Experts at Commercial Property Tax Professionals draw on their years of experience as tax consultants to offer comprehensive Property Tax Appeal Services to their clients. We conduct reviews, file appeals and present the tax appeal cases to local tax boards and assessors.

Our team of professionals is committed to delivering the best results for you by combining professionalism with promptness. We are aware of our responsibilities towards our clients. Thus, we review properties carefully to identify opportunities for reduced commercial property assessments.

How Commercial Property Tax Professionals deals with Property Tax Appeals

Commercial Property Tax Professionals has adopted a step-by-step strategy to address commercial property tax appeals. Our systematic approach is described below. We prepare the documents necessary for filing the appeals. We review the values assigned by assessing authorities in the different jurisdictions. Opportunities for adjustments are found after closely evaluating the subject property and its relevant market data. Then we focus on sales comparisons, income capitalization and cost of your property as well as an equity analysis. After the information is compiled, we evaluate it and thoroughly and negotiate with the assessors. We represent our clients at the hearing

We cover every aspect of property tax appeals. Our expertise is exemplified by the vast number of property appeal issues we have successfully resolved for our clients to date.

Our competent tax consultants will determine a reasonable taxable value for your property and challenge the assessor’s appraised fair market value of your property. We are one of the most successful tax consulting firms.

So get in touch with us today! Stop spending more on taxes than what you should! We guarantee satisfaction without charging a very high fee. We only charge you once we are successful in lowering the taxes on your property. Get in touch with us to find out more about our credentials.