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Property Tax

Commercial Property Tax Professionals works closely with its clients to evaluate their real estate assessments in order to seek opportunities for substantial tax reductions. CPTP is presently represented by a group of tax professionals with considerable experience in tax consulting, analysis and real estate brokerage.

What Commercial Property Tax Professionals is offering you

We specialize in offering comprehensive tax consulting services to commercial real estate owners. Commercial property taxes are complex. The experts at CPTP have devised tax evaluation methodologies that enable clients to receive substantial tax refunds which potentially put back thousands of their dollars in their pockets.

Understanding commercial and real estate taxes can be confusing with the ever evolving government regulations. Our professionals constantly refine their evaluation strategies in accordance with these changes in regulation.

Our focus is on valid tax reduction and not evasion. Our services are centered on reviewing your assessments assigned by the tax authorities. We will be seeking to lower property taxes with the help of following:

  • Market data
  • Financial data
  • Tax Comps
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    When it comes to resolving property tax issues, CPTP is one of the best. Our firm maintains high standards of quality tax consulting services—thanks to our senior team comprised of experienced tax consultants, analysts, managers and real estate brokers. We strive to deliver better results than most of the tax firms. We have a proprietary tax database which helps our experts to present the best possible case for our clients.

    Each case we prepare is scrutinized for any potential savings. By allowing us to work on your behalf, you can expect the highest quality of representation.

    Do get in touch with us with any questions and we will respond quickly! Once you contact our experts, they will tell you more about our services.