Rockdale County Tax Assessor And Defining Fair Market Value

Rockdale County property owners ought to be familiar with the Rockdale County Assessor’s office. The Rockdale County Board of Assessors is currently under the leadership of Lamar Sims, who serves as its Director and Chief Appraiser. Sims has 25+ years of tax appraisal experience. In his role as Director and Chief Appraiser, he oversees the assessment/appraisal of all property types.

Sims also oversees the Board of Assessors, which is responsible for valuing all Rockdale County properties on an annual basis. The Board of Assessors operates under Georgia Revenue Codes. Property owners need to be aware of two specific codes that apply to their property. First, all properties must be appraised at their fair market value. Fair market value is the amount that one should reasonably expect the property to sell for under normal circumstances, i.e., neither the buyer nor the seller is under any undue pressure to sell or purchase the property. Two, all properties will be assessed at a rate of 40% of their appraised value for tax purposes. As an example, if the fair market value of your property is determined to be $100,000, a tax rate will be applied to $100,000 * 40% = $40,000. A property tax rate will then be applied to $40,000, which is how your property taxes are calculated.

Your specific property tax rate is decided by three groups: The Rockdale County School System, the Conyers City Council, and the Rockdale County Commissioners.

Although the goal of the Rockdale County Tax Assessor’s office is to accurately determine your property’s fair market value, one can’t help but wonder how such a small group of people is able to do that. Staff members from the Rockdale County Assessor’s office determine your property’s fair market value by studying real estate trends and applying those trends to groups of similar properties. It’s not as if they’re able to visit each property and spend hours completing thorough and individual appraisals.

Does this mean that there is room for error in your property’s fair market value assessment? You bet it does! If you believe that your property may have been inaccurately appraised, contact Commercial Property Tax Professionals today to learn about how you can minimize your Rockdale County property tax burden. You can call them at (678) 466-6815 or email them at