Rockdale County Property Tax

How Is Your Rockdale County Property Tax Assessment?

Are you a property owner living in Rockdale County?  What did you think when you received your latest property assessment? If you thought that it was a very fair assessment in exchange for what you receive in county services, then congratulations are in order.  Not all Rockdale County residents share your opinion.  Some Rockdale County property owners were left scratching their heads, wondering if their assessment was fair and accurate.

Property taxes are a tricky business because they’re based on the opinion of the Rockdale County Tax Assessor’s Office.  The bill you receive is a direct result of how much it feels your home is worth, in other words, its fair market value.  They may tell you that your home is worth $125,000, but is that accurate?  What should you do if you don’t think they’ve correctly assessed your home’s fair market value?

You may decide to appeal your property tax bill on your own.  If you go down this road, you’ll soon discover that it’s a time-consuming process, full of headaches and bureaucracy.  Why not follow in the footsteps of thousands of satisfied clients for whom Commercial Property Tax Professionals (CPTP) has saved unlimited time and money?

CPTP is an Atlanta-based tax consulting service that has been helping Rockdale County property owners minimize their property tax burdens for many years.  They know all there is to know about Rockdale County property taxes and are ready to work for you.

If you don’t think you can afford to work with a Rockdale County Property Tax expert, think again.  CPTP tax consultants don’t get paid until they save you money.  They don’t require upfront fees like many of their competitors.  They even offer a FREE Property Tax Analysis on their website,

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