Commercial Property Tax Professionals can help reduce yourproperty taxes, and you only pay them if they save you money!

By Jack Blair and Wendy Kalman

There’s an old adage that says, “You can’t fight city hall!” ArthurPrzbyl doesn’t believe it. In fact, Art does it every day, and has becomean expert in the (often-frustrating) tax appeals process that canhelp property owners save money on their property taxes when thegovernment gets it wrong.

“Over-taxation is an unnecessary expense that impacts the profitabilityof any property,” explains Art, founder and senior tax representativeof Commercial Property Tax Professionals, LLC (CPTP).“Unlike any other cost of doing business, taxation provides zero directreturn and can dramatically affect a property’s investment value.”

CPTP is an Atlanta-based, full-service, ad valorem tax consultingfirm. The firm’s goal, Art says, is to maximize the investment returnof every client property by ensuring that the tax burden is minimized.

Art began his real estate career working for a large commercialbrokerage firm, where he became acquainted with real estate taxconsulting and began seeing the inconsistencies in the local taxingjurisdictions. He left his brokerage to pursue a career in property taxappeals, spending several years with a local property tax consultingfirm. There, he began to develop a loyal client base, due in large partto his reputation as a hard-working advocate, and the great results hegot for his clients.

After several years in the business working for others, he determinedthat there was a need for a company that could provide more resultsto its clients, with better customer service. He also determined thathe could offer a better value by improving the technology his firmuses, which would ultimately provide better results in lowering hisclients’ property taxes.

In early 2014, he assembled a close team of other individuals withthe same dream. Each of them brought valuable real estate skills andexperience to the table.

Today, Art and his team provide tax appeal, analysis, and forecastingservices for commercial and residential real estate owners. Theirmission: To lower assessed tax valuations to fair values, and ensurethat they remain at those low levels. CPTP reports directly to itsclients so that the client always has a complete understanding of itstax exposure.

Art’s primary focus is ensuring that the needs of CPTP’s clients andemployees are met every day. He drives CPTP to exceed the expectationsof each client with expert tax consultingservices that reduce property taxes,increase the net operating income and creategreater value to each property and its owner.

Barely a year and a half old, the firm hasalready represented thousands of propertiesnationally, of every conceivable type:Commercial office buildings, apartmentcomplexes, business parks, hotels and motels,retail centers, restaurants, hospitals, and single-family homes. In fact, in the over 1,000properties nationwide that Art represents,he netted over $4 million in real tax savingslast year.

“We prove our abilities to our clients everyday, and ensure the quality of our serviceis unsurpassed. We are so confident in ourabilities that we offer a no-obligation pricingstructure. We believe that our commitmentto personal service and bottom-line resultssets us apart from other firms.” In fact, thefirm won’t charge a fee until it gets a positiveresult for the client. “It’s a win-win situationfor both the client and us,” Art says.

A big part of why CPTP is so confidentin its ability to deliver results: The firm hasimplemented a unique internal systemto ensure a case proceeds expeditiously.“The workload of our staff is closely monitored,ensuring your particular appeal willreceive the time and attention it deserves,”Art explains. “There’s a direct correlationbetween time invested in an appeal and thesavings generated. By ensuring your casereceives our full attention, we both profit.”

The firm uses technology in ways othersdon’t, too. “We have access to multiplestreams of constantly updating propertyinformation, both subscription-based andpublic domain,” says Art. “We integratethese data sets with the specifics of yourproperties, through our custom-builtdatabases. This unique, cutting-edge dataprocessing allows us to leverage any availableinformation that could strengthen theclient’s appeal.”

All of these innovations, Art says, are anextension of the culture of client care theteam has fostered since the firm began. “Weare firmly committed to personal, customizedservice, as well as great results. Each clienthas different needs, management styles,and portfolios. Our goal is to tailor our servicesto fit your organization and to providethe most effective tax reduction strategy foryour particular properties.”

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