Increasing Fulton County Tax Rate – Know Your Rights Before It’s Too Late


According to the reProperty Tax Professionalsferenced article, Fulton County in the State of Georgia will be increasing their tax rate by an unprecedented 17%. This will greatly affect all Fulton County residential and commercial property owners and many of our clients.

The team here at Commercial Property Tax Professionals, LLC wants to make sure that all of our Fulton County clients are aware of this property tax increase that is projected. We also want you to know that we are preparing for the 2015 tax year and that we are committed to working closely with the Fulton County authorities to ensure that our clients’ properties are fairly assessed to minimize their tax burdens.

Now is the time to prepare for next year’s tax appeal season.

For those not familiar with our services, our representatives are here to answer your questions about the millage rate increase, how this will affect your tax liability and what steps you can take to minimize the bottom line tax amounts you will owe for 2015 in Fulton County.

Other counties may be considering similar increases. We also have similar knowledge about the many other counties in the State of Georgia and in the Southeastern United States.

We would also be happy to assist you in answering your questions so that you may make better decisions about your property portfolio.

If you have any questions please contact our office 678-466-6815 or email us at