Did Your Fulton County Property Tax Increase?

Are you one of the many property owners who recently received an unpleasant surprise from the Fulton County Assessor’s Office? When Fulton County issued a recent round of property tax assessments, most property owners realized that their homes had been assessed a much larger fair market value than in previous years. Some property owners are facing tax bills that are 18% higher than last year!

The assessor’s office attributes the higher fair market values to a rebounding real estate market. The assessor’s office does not review each property individually. It simply applies various formulas to groups of properties and comes up with new fair market values. For this reason, property owners are allowed to challenge the fair market value estimates of their properties.

The property tax appeals process is confusing, to say the least. It should be as easy as providing the county with comparable data or “comps,” which may indicate that similar houses in similar neighborhoods pay lower taxes. Of course, it’s not that easy. For one thing, deciding which properties and neighborhoods are “similar” to yours is subjective. Secondly, you would have to find out what the property tax assessments are for similar properties. This is public information, but that doesn’t mean that the information you need is easy to find. Finally, common sense would tell you that you should provide the most recent “comps,” that you can, i.e., 2016 data, but due to the way in which property taxes are assessed and collected, you actually need to provide 2015 data.

Fortunately, there is a way to challenge your Fulton County Property Taxes that is not only simple but extremely effective. Partnering with a tax consultant from Commercial Property Tax Professionals (CPTP) eases the burden of fighting Fulton County Property Tax hikes. Their experienced team of tax consultants does the work for you and saves you money! They are so confident in their ability to save you money that they don’t get paid unless you save.

If you’re fed up with Fulton County Property Taxes and want to learn more about how Commercial Property Tax Professionals can help you minimize your property tax burden, contact their office at (678) 466-6815 or email them at info@cptaxpro.com.