DeKalb County Property Tax: CPTP Helps Clients Fight High Property Taxes

Commercial Property Tax Professionals (CPTP) is helping DeKalb County residents challenge their property tax bills. Some property owners have said, “Enough!” in response to rising property taxes and they are fighting back. For most people, standing up to county property tax officials is an overwhelming process. It can be an uphill battle that includes headaches, bureaucracy, and a never-ending stream of phone calls and visits to the DeKalb County Assessor’s office. And after you’ve spent countless hours appealing your tax bill, there are no guarantees that your property tax burden will be reduced.

Why do the work yourself when you can get help from Commercial Property Tax Professionals? Their team of experienced tax consultants have successfully helped thousands of clients save money on their property tax bills. The best part is that CPTP only gets paid when they save you money! In the rare event that CPTP is not able to save you money on your property taxes, you won’t pay them a dime.

Have you recently experienced a hike in your DeKalb County property tax bill? Are you willing to accept the increase or is it time to fight back? If you’re tired of seeing your DeKalb County property tax bill increase year after year, it’s time to contact Commercial Property Tax Professionals. One of their experienced tax consultants will guide you through the process of challenging your property tax bill. They understand the intricacies of the property tax appeal process, which makes it possible for them to simplify the process for you.

Arthur “Art” Przbyl, the founder of Commercial Property Tax Professionals, is one of the country’s leading experts in fighting back against property tax hikes. Art says that the mission of CPTP is to minimize their clients’ tax burdens and maximize their ROI (return on investment). If you’re interested in learning more about how Commercial Property Tax Professionals can help you minimize your DeKalb County property tax burden, contact their office today at (678) 466-6815 or email them at

Don’t become a victim of out-of-control property tax hikes. Let CPTP help you save money today!