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Trust our professionals to generate substantial savings

Property Tax

Commercial Property Tax Professionals works closely with its clients to evaluate their real estate assessments in order to seek opportunities for substantial tax reductions. CPTP is presently represented by a group of tax professionals with considerable experience in tax consulting, analysis and real estate brokerage.

What Commercial Property Tax Professionals is offering you

We specialize in offering comprehensive tax consulting services to commercial real estate owners. Commercial property taxes are complex. The experts at CPTP have devised tax evaluation methodologies that enable clients to receive substantial tax refunds which potentially put back thousands of their dollars in their pockets.

Understanding commercial and real estate taxes can be confusing with the ever evolving government regulations. Our professionals constantly refine their evaluation strategies in accordance with these changes in regulation.

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Fulton County Property Tax: Comprehensive Tax Consultancy Services


Property taxes are one of the greatest expenses an owner can incur.  They also represent one of the most complex parts of property management. However, careful attention to tax management can offer great opportunities for minimizing this expense. Commercial and real estate tax appeals provide some real opportunities for meaningful savings. However, there are many business owners who stop short from appealing as they view these taxes as arbitrary statements from the government that are too troublesome to contest. In reality, however, property taxes can be effectively managed and reduced (sometimes by up to 50%) through successful appeals.

End to end commercial property tax services

Your search for expert commercial and real estate property tax consultants ends at Commercial Property Tax Professionals. CPTP is steered by a group of dynamic individuals with years of experience in tax consulting, analysis and real estate. Our comprehensive commercial Fulton County Property Tax services are backed by extensive experience in the field and solid relationships with the taxing authorities.

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Commercial Property Tax Professionals can help reduce yourproperty taxes, and you only pay them if they save you money!

By Jack Blair and Wendy Kalman

There’s an old adage that says, “You can’t fight city hall!” ArthurPrzbyl doesn’t believe it. In fact, Art does it every day, and has becomean expert in the (often-frustrating) tax appeals process that canhelp property owners save money on their property taxes when thegovernment gets it wrong.

“Over-taxation is an unnecessary expense that impacts the profitabilityof any property,” explains Art, founder and senior tax representativeof Commercial Property Tax Professionals, LLC (CPTP).“Unlike any other cost of doing business, taxation provides zero directreturn and can dramatically affect a property’s investment value.”

CPTP is an Atlanta-based, full-service, ad valorem tax consultingfirm. The firm’s goal, Art says, is to maximize the investment returnof every client property by ensuring that the tax burden is minimized. Continue reading Commercial Property Tax Professionals can help reduce yourproperty taxes, and you only pay them if they save you money!

Fulton County Property Tax Increase

Our team at Commercial Property Tax Professionals want to make all owners aware of the 17% property tax increase in Fulton County. Get ready for 2015 and talk with one of our Property Tax Consultants. If you have any questions please contact our office 678-466-6815 email at or stop by our office. We are located in the “Century Springs West Building” 6000 Lake Forrest Dr. #495 Atlanta GA 30328. Read more By Mike Petchenik FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — In a narrow, controversial vote Wednesday, Fulton County commissioners approved the county’s first property tax hike in 23 years. Four commissioners including Bill Edwards, Emma Darnell, Tom Lowe and Chairman John Eaves voted in favor of the 17 percent hike. Commissioners Robb Pitts, Joan Garner and Liz Hausmann all voted against it. “I’m pleased with the vote and I’m ready to move on,” Eaves said after the vote. “It’s a tough decision. We have not increased our millage rate in many years, so we made the decision now, so we’ve got to do all that we can to sustain and maintain the quality of services that we are providing to our citizens.” The hike means a home valued at $275,000 would see a $140 increase on the annual tax bill.

Lake Lanier Property Taxes Re-Evaluations

At Commercial Property Tax Professionals, we hear many stories like this from property owners. Our professional property tax consultants experience many different counties doing re-evaluations and assist our clients in reducing their property values back down to fair numbers. Earlier in 2014, we watched and monitored the situation as Hall county re-assessed 6,800 lake front properties. The values, Hall stated, were considered low as they were last evaluated during the 2008 recession. As a result of this action, Hall county reports that 5,100 property owners appealed their property taxes.cptplogo – CopyThe below article by in by Marc Eggers details the “sticker shock” that Hall County property owners experienced when they received their tax bills this year after the re-evaluation of Lake Lanier lakefront properties. Unless they filed appeals much earlier this year, they are out of luck. Don’t be one of the many people not fighting property taxes. Call us at 678-466-6815 or email at if you have any questions or would like to fight your high property taxes. If you already filed your property tax appeal we can still help out by representing you at your Board of Equalization hearing. Let us ease your tax burden in Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett and Hall County.

Increasing Fulton County Tax Rate – Know Your Rights Before It’s Too Late


According to the reProperty Tax Professionalsferenced article, Fulton County in the State of Georgia will be increasing their tax rate by an unprecedented 17%. This will greatly affect all Fulton County residential and commercial property owners and many of our clients.

The team here at Commercial Property Tax Professionals, LLC wants to make sure that all of our Fulton County clients are aware of this property tax increase that is projected. We also want you to know that we are preparing for the 2015 tax year and that we are committed to working closely with the Fulton County authorities to ensure that our clients’ properties are fairly assessed to minimize their tax burdens.

Now is the time to prepare for next year’s tax appeal season.

For those not familiar with our services, our representatives are here to answer your questions about the millage rate increase, how this will affect your tax liability and what steps you can take to minimize the bottom line tax amounts you will owe for 2015 in Fulton County.

Other counties may be considering similar increases. We also have similar knowledge about the many other counties in the State of Georgia and in the Southeastern United States.

We would also be happy to assist you in answering your questions so that you may make better decisions about your property portfolio.

If you have any questions please contact our office 678-466-6815 or email us at

How To Appeal Property Taxes In Georgia


A lot of property owners choose to appeal their own property taxes. But many find out that the process is more difficult than anticipated. Our Property Tax Consulting team has found out it can be “Art vs Science.”

Kiplinger recently wrote an article which I have quoted and referenced in this article below. The article states that “According to the National Taxpayers Union, as many as 60% of properties in the U.S. are assessed at a higher amount than their current value.” We agree with this statement and find it accurate in many cases. I will go into much more detail below regarding how the process works and things to watch out for should you choose to tackle it alone. I will point out good reasons why you should consider using a Property Tax Consultant and, of those, why it is better to use a company that works on a contingency basis rather than one that charges up-front fees.

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